I am searching for any information on the family of Martin MASON and his wife Barbara ________ . Martin died according to his will, in Campbell County, Virginia abt. July 8, 1822. Martin's brothers and sisters were:

Margaret MASON
Elizabeth MASON

I would like to know who his parents were, if there are any more siblings, where he was married, date, etc.... .

Martin had the following children:
Lavinia MASON married John CALLAHAN on January 12, 1819 in Campbell County, VA.
Asinah MASON who married Daniel SNOW on November 14, 1797 in Campbell County, Virginia.
Jeminna MASON who married Robert OWEN on March 5, 1799 in Campbell County, VA.
Elizabeth MASON who married Barnabas ARTHUR in 1806 , in Campbell County, VA.
Polly MASON who married James PATTON on December 11, 1815 in Campbell County, VA.
John MASON who married Mary WHELAN on February 9, 1807 in Campbell County, VA.

If you have any information on anyone listed abive please contact me.

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