Arthur Family

William Arthur, Sr. (b. abt. 1718 d. 1783) married Anne Murray (b. 1723 d. 1800) in Virginia abt. 1735. They had the following children:
Barnabas Arthur, Sr. b. abt 1735
Ann Arthur b. April 23, 1741
Susanna Arthur b. abt. 1743
William Arthur, Jr. b. abt. 1746
Sarah Arthur b. abt. 1747
Elizabeth Arthur b. abt. 1749
Jane Arthur b. abt. 1751
Mary Arthur b. abt. 1757
Jemima Arthur b. abt. 1761
Mildred Arthur b. June 13, 1762
Frances Arthur b. abt 1763
Tabitha Arthur b. abt 1765

William Arthur, Jr. married Elizabeth Dalton in Bedford County on June 24, 1862. They had the following children:
Sarah Arthur
Elizabeth Arthur
William Arthur, III
Jemima Arthur
Jechonias Arthur
Jane Arthur
Barnabas Arthur b. abt. 1776

Barnabas Arthur married Elizabeth Mason(b. abt. 1786) in Campbell County Va., in 1806. They had the following children:

Permelia Frances Arthur b. October 11, 1814 d. March 10, 1884
Elizabeth A. Arthur b. abt. 1819
Ezekial B. Arthur b. abt. 1828

Permelia Frances Arthur married Tyree Callahan in Campbell County, Va., December 19, 1842. Permelia and Tyree are both buried in the Old Callahan Family Cemetery located in Evington, Va. They had the following children:
Ezekial Wyatt Callahan b. August 3, 1844 d. May 22, 1928
Lavania C. Callahan b. November 29, 1846
Mary Jane Callahan b. 1847
Martha A. Callahan b. October 1, 1850
William Martin Callahan September 12, 1852
Matilda F. Callahan b. 1856

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